The benefits of buying roofing sheets directly from the factory

Get Premium Quality Mabati at affordable prices.

A roof is a fundamental element of any building and it radiates beauty from the outside world. Roofing Sheets increase the aesthetic appeal of the home as well as its safety. Buying metal roofing sheets is a huge investment and proper thought must be put into the buying efforts.

Metal roofing has taken the country over by storm thanks to increased construction projects in counties.  Unfortunately, unscrupulous businessmen take clients’ money but fail to deliver on time or deliver poor quality Mabati or wrong gauges to unsuspecting clients.

Quality metal roofing is directly proportionate to the metal roofing manufacturer. The benefits of buying Mabati directly from Mabati Yetu Factory include:

  • You are sure you are buying from a physical factory. You get to know the location of the factory and validate KEBs certificates for each Mabati profile.
  • 15 Years Warranty: For a metal roof, warranties are a huge selling point. It is vital that you buy roofing sheets directly from the factory.
  • Mabati Yetu Factory’s after-sales services include free delivery to customers within Kenya. We have a large pool of roofing experts across the country and we connect clients with the right experts.
  • Special measurements-Mabati are produced according to your measurements and preferences.
  • You get free technical advice
  • Various offers are provided
  • You get ETR/VAT receipt for all transactions. Always demand ETR to assure the validity of the warranty.
  • The Mabati are traceable to the factory and you are known by the factory. Ensure roofing sheets have identity marks to help trace them back to the manufacturer/trademark on the underside. KEBS requires that manufacturers print the brand, gauge and batch number on the iron sheets.

Please contact Mabati Yetu Factory for more information on roofing solutions.