Tips to buying Mabati

The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head – Sol Hurok

Building a house is an important milestone and you need to work with the right suppliers to get value for money. We propose you follow these tips when buying Mabati.

  1. Visit the Factory: Confirm the existence and location of the factory. Make a point to visit the factory if you can. During the visit confirm the signpost on the building and the offer, check the name on the business permit too. Important to ensure that the factory is not a makeshift temporary structure that will be shipped to the next town after damping cheap quality products to the neighborhood.
  2. Online Reviews. Check for website and social media pages like Facebook. Check their online reviews.
  3. Traceability: Check if the roofing sheets have identity marks to help trace them back to the manufacturer/trademark.
  4. Free Delivery: Ensure they offer free delivery service for bulk buyers or discount for self-collection.
  5. Cost-The cost of roofing sheets depends on the gauge, finish/paint type and the type of design. Don’t focus on the cheapest options and forget Quality and Warranty period. Mabati YETU offers a warranty you can trust and rely on.
  6. Color-Work with your Architect to select the best color for your project. The preferred colors in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi) are tile red, brick red, maroon, green, sea blue, sky blue, chocolate and charcoal grey. Select a color is durable. Mabati YETU offers a warranty you can trust and rely on.
  7. Fade Free: Fading is a product of quality, color and finish. It is important to seek expert advice before buying building materials. Our roofing materials have been selected for our climate and therefore last longer.
  8. Customization: At NRI Mabati YETU, we customize the length of your roofing sheets to reduce wastage and increase the speed of installation. NRI Mabati YETU Factory has a wide range of roofing sheets and has capacity to manufacture sheets of up to 10m long at no extra cost.